Highlights from the 2017
Guardian of Democracy Dinner

Over 450 members of the New Israel Fund (NIF) community came together on Saturday, September 10th at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco to support democracy and equality in Israel with the New Israel Fund. This year’s Guardian of Democracy Dinner celebrated brave change-makers and truth-tellers. Guests enjoyed a keynote address from celebrated New York Times columnist Roger Cohen, heard reflections from Barbara Meislin – Our Purple Lady – as well as inspiring young leader Elie Lauter and Gallanter Prize winner, Dr. Yulia Zemlinskaya, a leader of Israel’s young progressive Russian-speaking community. The event raised over $445,000 to support NIF’s work.



YULIA ZEMLINSKAYA – Gallanter Prize Winner

BARBARA J. MEISLIN – Guardian of Democracy Honoree

ELIE LAUTER – New Generations Award

MICKEY GITZIN – NIF Executive Director in Israel

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